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Manchester United should sport USA not AIG!

As a fiscal conservative, and a believer in the power of a free market economy, I do not appreciate utilizing tax payers’ money to purchase and bail out companies.  Seizing an 80% share in AIG is a move in the wrong direction.  It is illogical to force me to pay for numerous mistakes made by AIG and other insurance mortgage brokers or to raise the dept to pay the mortgage of irresponsible homeowners (who knowing the risks involved, still signed mortgage agreements).

The founding fathers did demand that a constitutional government would, “protect the general welfare,” but we have gone way past this in the last eight years.  This latest step towards government ownership (pseudo-socialism) is disturbing and frustrating.  AIG spends $100 million dollars to sponsor Manchester United during a four year period, and now taxpayers come to their rescue?  I do not think the Fathers had this in mind.  At least we should demand the Manchester United sponsorship be changed from AIG to USA.

Happy Yaztrzemski Day!

8-8-08 is a day to commemorate one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Red Sox player in history.

He may not have been the best hitter (Ted Williams), or the greatest outfielder (Lynn or Crisp), but as a player, a gentleman, and a representative, he may well be unsurpassed.  The last player to hit for the triple crown, number 8 was a leader for the Impossible Dream season of 1967.  Yaz hit more than 450 home runs and 3000 hits with the Red Sox (one of only 7 players in the history of baseball to hit for these numbers), and he handled the media with humility and class.

Oddly enough, this date comes just a day after the anti-Yaz, Manny Ramirez, is being investigated by baseball.  Although they both played the same position at Fenway, and Yaz has two World Series rings less than Manny, Yaz will always be more than twice the Red Sox player Manny ever was.

In the history of baseball, Yaz ranks 2nd in games played, 3rd in at-bats, 6th in hits, as well as 8th in doubles and total bases.  These stats from a classy leader and player most fans around the league have never heard about.

Today is the appropriate day to be thankful that our number 8 is Yaz!

Manny needs to be Manny somewhere else.

There is no doubt that Manny Ramirez has helped the Red Sox Nation escape from under the curse, but there is also little doubt he has to go.  Dan Shaunessey outlines the frustrations, and dare I say outright anger, that the management of the Sox and the Nation as a whole has with Manny.  He skips  the game last night because his knee hurts?  David Ortiz plays almost a whole season on one leg and Manny can’t play against the Yankees because his knee, which a MRI showed to be clean, hurts a little?

Oddly enough, I am not surprised, but I am baffled.  What does Manny get out of this?  His blown at bat at Yankee Stadium (in which he watched three straight strikes) looks very interesting now that the first time he has the opportunity to make things right, he sits down with a mysterious knee ailment.  Is he trying to stay in good graces with the Bombers so they will sign him next year?

I do understnad his knee could be sore, but after throwing in the towel for his own reasons so many times, this looks too suspicious.

Is Tom that Terrific?

The discussion of whether or not the 2007-8 Patriots are the greatest team in history, or if Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in history is actually tiresome to me at this point. It stems partly from the amount of attention and discussion from the media, and partly because the scoreboard tells the story. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, they will have played a season which betters the 1972 Dolphins by two games. But the real story, I think, is that the team is exemplary in very few ways. The players excel in their positions and different players make significant contributions each week. But there is one way in which the team may be better than any other team over a seven year period. They just win.

Terry Bradshaw, and the Steelers of the 70’s, won 4 Super Bowls in six years, a mark still unmatched by these Patriots. However, Tom has done something that Bradshaw has not matched. As a starter, Tom Brady has started 126 games and won 100 of them. This is a 79.4% winning percentage. For their careers, Roger Staubach won 74.6% and Joe Montana won 71.3%. These two Super Bowl champion quarterbacks are second and third on the career winning percentage list behind Brady. Tom may not look flashy, he may not excel in moving his feet, and he may not throw like Peyton Manning, but the quarterback just wins.

It seems as though the true test of greatness on the field is the scoreboard. So yes, Tom is terrific.