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Poetry of the Young

Hannah and Daniel entered a poetry contest at school. Daniel won for his grade, but Hannah’s is no less wonderful. Neither had prompting for their poem, they simply composed the following on their own:

Jesus’s Birth and When He Died
By Daniel Nandor- Rm. 21 Mrs. Bruns

Jesus was small
As small as can be
He was small,
Very small, Like you and me.

When He was a child,
He saw lots more
Like you and me did before.

And Judas Iscariot
Betrayed Jesus
And Got 30 pieces of silver
To make them crucify Jesus.

Jesus was on the cross
With two other robbers
One did not believe
And the other did.

And Joseph from Arimethea
Got him down from that cross,
And put him in a tomb.

Three days later
He rose from the dead.
An angel rolled the stone and said,
“He is risen,” To two women.
And they ran back and told the disciples.

They didn’t believe He was risen
And Jesus came to where they were .
And they all believed in Him.

My Ruler by Hannah Nandor

My ruler is peculiar
In many many ways
He is the Holy Ruler
He is the one who paid
I love my peculiar Ruler
He paid for all my bad ways
He is stronger than the fooler
My sins are something that cannot be weighed
My one and only Ruler is Christ