Change has to be positive to be good

Change.  This is arguably the word which catapulted President Obama into office.  There is no doubt that things have changed, but this does not mean we are better for it.

For instance, his change of heart regarding discussions on health care. On January 31, 2008, then Senator Obama promised in a debate with Senator Clinton, “That’s what I will do in bringing all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together, and broadcasting those negotiations on C-SPAN so that the American people can see what the choices are.”

The President has changed his mind.  These negotiations will not be held in the open, but behind the closed doors of Democratic conferences.

Another change is that the President said he would unite the parties and and bring in a new level of bi-partisanship; however, he and the Democratically held congress want less work together and more power for themselves.

Change is only good if it is positive.  The change from this administration has been anything but that.

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