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Support Teenage Marriage

I would like to be one of the first to endorse a proposition for the November 2009 ballot which would reduce the age for marriage without parental consent to 14.  As someone who has worked with high school students for 20 years, I have found them all to be bright, articulate, stable, and extremely mature people who can handle almost any situation.  If we are truly going to call ourselves a nation that supports the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all citizens, we must take action now.

It appears Californians have spoken for a third time to preserve the rights of 14 year-old girls to have abortions.  Without this protection, children may run away from home, leave the state, or commit suicide because they are afraid of their parents’ reaction to their pregnancy.  The same is true with the love between a 14 year-old and his or her partner.  Children have left home and committed suicide over the inability to be with the one they hold so dear to their hearts.  Remember Romeo and Juliet?  Never mind that a 14 year-old cannot get her ears pierced, go on a field trip, or go to a tanning salon without parental consent, we need to protect the rights of these children to have surgery or commit in matrimony without fear of their parents.  Both matrimony and abortion are life-changing choices, yet obviously young teenagers have the ability to make these difficult decisions in a responsible manner.  Without the ability to be married without parental consent, who knows the lengths these extremely bright and mature children may leap to in pursuit of marrying the person they love.

My fellow Californians, this is the time to act.  This is the time to protect rights.  This is the time for change.  Support the rights of life and liberty for children.  Support the youth of America and their choices.  Support teenage marriages.