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Manny needs to be Manny somewhere else.

There is no doubt that Manny Ramirez has helped the Red Sox Nation escape from under the curse, but there is also little doubt he has to go.  Dan Shaunessey outlines the frustrations, and dare I say outright anger, that the management of the Sox and the Nation as a whole has with Manny.  He skips  the game last night because his knee hurts?  David Ortiz plays almost a whole season on one leg and Manny can’t play against the Yankees because his knee, which a MRI showed to be clean, hurts a little?

Oddly enough, I am not surprised, but I am baffled.  What does Manny get out of this?  His blown at bat at Yankee Stadium (in which he watched three straight strikes) looks very interesting now that the first time he has the opportunity to make things right, he sits down with a mysterious knee ailment.  Is he trying to stay in good graces with the Bombers so they will sign him next year?

I do understnad his knee could be sore, but after throwing in the towel for his own reasons so many times, this looks too suspicious.