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Is that a good reason?

In the Ventura County Star, an article appears today reporting on the California Lutheran University Gay-Straight Alliance. The reasons given by some of the students at Cal Lutheran include, “To me, this is about civil rights, and it’s about acceptance and it’s about human beings being able to connect however it works for them.” But what if having four wives “works best for them?” Should we as a society say this is wrong? There has been a fairly large uproar over a sect of Mormons who believe in polygamy and in marrying off girls under the age of 18. What if that “works for them?” A number of female teachers have been in the news because they were impregnated via a relationship with a male student. If this is about connection and working for individuals, then why are these relationships criticized?

Another student claims, “I’m just really supporting people’s choices on being able to marry whoever they want.” However, in most states you may not marry your first cousin. Is that fair? What about a brother or a sister? What about your parents? If the goal is to marry whomever you want, then should they not also support these marriages as well? To push the point further, what if I would like to marry a dog? If this is how I best connect and I want to marry a dog, why should society stand in the way?

A third student claims, “If you want to call it a domestic partnership, then call it a domestic partnership for everyone, but if you want to call it marriage, then it has to be marriage for everyone.” This statement makes an equivocation error. The student believes marrying someone of the same gender is the same as marrying someone of the opposite gender. Clearly they are different activities since the genders are different. Is marrying a human the same as marrying a dog? If one holds they are not the same, then marrying someone of a different gender is not the same as well (unless discrimination based on species is justified). It is the law of non-contradiction. Marriage to someone of the opposite gender cannot be the same as marriage to someone of the same gender.

There are a number of philosophical reasons (not given here) why marriage between humans of the same gender should not be allowed, however, in this article, no good reasons are given to allow homosexual marriages.