Student Assistance

18 ways to get Scott Nandor fired

1. Mr. Nandor sometimes wonders if God really exists.
But then after considering all of the empirical and spiritual data he always decides in favor of God’s existence.

2. Mr. Nandor teaches students atheism.
For the best way to defeat an enemy is to know him well.

3. If he only thought of the problem of evil, he wouldn’t believe in God.
However, in light of all of the evidence, it is clear God exists.

4. Mr. Nandor would like to choke out irresponsible, bad-decision-making parents.
Because so many children are brutally victimized and I may have an overdeveloped sense of justice. But violence really is never the best answer.

5. Mr. Nandor proved Stevie Wonder is God.
A. Love is blind
B. God is love
C. Stevie Wonder is blind
D. Therefore, Stevie Wonder is God.
Fallacy of equivocation

6. He doesn’t care if God created the universe in 6 days or 13.7millon.
What matters most is that there is a creator.

7. Mr. Nandor believes God can’t do some things and teaches them to students.
i. e. God cannot sin.

8. Teaches Bible with no Bible degree.
But he does have a master’s degree in Philosophy of Religion and ethics from Talbot Seminary.

9. Says that Jesus, Mary, and Andrew are “companions” in reference to the Divinci code.
Had to be in the lecture, but he can be more creative than Dan Brown.

10. Mr. Nandor rewrites scripture.
The NIV (Nandor Interpreted Version) is useful for facilitating class discussions and making students think.

11. He does not say “hi” to students in public.
He would not want to bother students who are in public, but is more than happy to talk to them if they approach him.

12. Likes needles and blood.
Growing up with asthma has strange side-effects.

13. If Jesus’ bones are ever found Mr. Nandor leaves Christianity.
1 Corinthians 15:12-19 states that this is the right thing to do.

14. Mr. Nandor said the Holy Trinity is Darth Vader, Luke, and the holy force.
If Jesus is an alien, then it could happen.

15. He encourages students to move out of their homes.
If students cannot respect their parents and live by the rules of the home, then they should move out, get a job, and support their own home in which they can live by any rules they would like.

16. He doesn’t like everything in the Bible.
If lying or cheating were okay some of the time, life might be easier.

17. Mr. Nandor was accused of being homosexual in an online discussion.
It is amazing what happens when people do not read arguments carefully.

18. He confessed that he was judging Sooner Skinner on April 2, 2008.
If you saw saunter across the room when he was supposed to be seated, you would judge him too.

These notes were taken by Francine Morales during C-block Bible; the last one was given by Sooner April 3, 2008 in the morning.